135 Souvenirs acquis.

Les "Souvenirs" sont des images virtuelles que vous pouvez découvrir et afficher sur votre page de profil. Vous pouvez cliquer ici pour voir les vôtres 
Ils sont associés à un lieu géographique réel (un pays, une province, un état...) ou à un événement dans le temps ("Leap Day", "International Geocachinf Day", "GIFF",...). Voici la liste de tous les souvenirs de groundpseak



15 Years of Geocaching 3 million active geocaches: Thank you! 3, 2, 1 Go! Ancient Wonders of the World Baden-Württemberg Bayern Belgium Blue Switch Day 2017 Blue Switch Day 2020 Blue Switch Day 2021 BRUGSE BEER IX Brugse Beer VI Brugse Beer VII BRUGSE BEER VIII Cache Carnival: Köln Cache Carnival: New Orleans Cache Carnival: Nice Cache Carnival: Rio de Janeiro Cache Carnival: Venezia Celebrating 3 million active geocaches Česká Republika CITO 2019 Season 1 CITO Week - April 2016 CITO Week, April 2017 CITO Week, April 2018 Creation Celebration Deutschland Favorites Are Forever First 2021 First Cache of 2018 France Fun in all directions Fun with Favorites GeoCoinFest Europe 2017 - Belgium GeoNord 2017 - Oxygen Géowallons - A la rencontre des Précurseurs Get Outdoors Day 2016 GIFF 2017 Goodbye 2015 Goodbye 2019 Haunted Hides Hello 2016 Hello 2019 Hello 2020 Hessen Hidden Creatures: Bigfoot Hidden Creatures: Dragon Hidden Creatures: Fairy Hidden Creatures: Gryphon Hidden Creatures: Hippocamp Hidden Creatures: Kraken Hidden Creatures: Mermaid Hidden Creatures: Phoenix Hidden Creatures: Sphinx Hidden Creatures: Troll Hidden Creatures: Unicorn Hidden Creatures: World Turtle Hidden Creatures: Yeti High-Five for the Earth International EarthCache Day 2015 International EarthCache Day 2016 International EarthCache Day 2017 International EarthCache Day 2018 International EarthCache Day 2019 International EarthCache Day 2020 International Geocaching Day 2016 International Geocaching Day 2018 International Geocaching Day 2019 International Geocaching Day 2020 Last 2020 Last Cache of 2017 Le Sacre des couleurs Leap Day 2016 Leap Day 2020 Leap Day Weekend 2016 Let's Get Extreme Luxembourg Mars Perseverance Rover Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties! Mary Hyde: Batten Down The Hatches Mary Hyde: Cuts and Keys Mary Hyde: Smuggler's Cove Mary Hyde: The lost treasure Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor Meet Your Road Trip Crew Memory Lane: 20 years of geocaching Memory Lane: First geocache hidden Memory Lane: First geocoin Memory Lane: First Mega-Event Memory Lane: One million geocaches hidden Mission GC Accomplished Modern Wonders of the World Mystery at the Museum: Briefed on the case Mystery at the Museum: Case closed Mystery at the Museum: Evidence collected Mystery at the Museum: Jewels recovered Natural Wonders of the World Netherlands Official Space Explorer One Cache Is Not Enough Pi Day 3.14.15 - Mystery Cache Planetary Pursuit: Earth Planetary Pursuit: Jupiter Planetary Pursuit: Mars Planetary Pursuit: Mercury Planetary Pursuit: Neptune Planetary Pursuit: Pluto Planetary Pursuit: Saturn Planetary Pursuit: Uranus Planetary Pursuit: Venus Put On Your Thinking Cap Reims 2017, Le Sacre de Signal Road Trip Hero Solar System Wonders of the World Spain Streak Week: August 2019 Switzerland Thanks 2018 The International Cache of Mystery The Science of Discovery: Environmental science The Science of Discovery: Futurology The Science of Discovery: Geology The Science of Discovery: Rocket science Turkey Ultimate Explorer United Kingdom Welcome To Belgium Where in the World is Signal? Australia Day 2018 Where in the World is Signal? Canada Day 2017 Where in the world is Signal? Dönerstag 2017 World Explorer You might be a Caching Connoisseur if... You might be a Social Butterfly if… You might be a Trackable Lover if… You might be an Adrenaline Junkie if...